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Gift Economies build a culture of Prosperity

I am available for contractual work facilitating, consulting, and designing social ecosystems.

However, I also happen to have this unshakable habit of focusing my productive time on building projects, networks and conditions to reimagine human cultures and produce healthy commons.

As an artist of the transformation, I never know what is coming next; I spend much of my time researching, forming trusting relationships, processing grief and trauma with others, connecting people who I sense would value greatly from knowing each other, and offering pro bono work for projects and groups who I share alignment with.

I have been able to do this full time for 3 years due to:

  • Almost never paying rent (by traveling and exchanging work)
  • Depending on public and commonly available infrastructure
  • Living a minimal / waste-recycling lifestyle
  • Not getting sick or into any accidents

This low income lifestyle also dis-ables me in many ways, which I notice mostly when I want to support other artists, give gifts to my hosts and friends, or invest in a training.

After much time resisting the ask, I am ready to invite your support.

Current Fundraiser

If you would like to specifically support me reaching my next goal, please check out this campaign.

Recurring Support

By offering a small contribution to my monthly salary, you are nourishing a relationship with someone who gives tirelessly. You are investing in our shared future, and becoming a crucial part of my story, my community, my home. Plant your seed in my garden.

Promoting My Work

I am collecting testimonials and welcome LinkedIn endorsements.

I take delight in being interviewed on podcasts.

You’re always welcome to put me in touch with groups who seek a genuine, capable and multi-talented facilitator/advisor with a passion for social impact, living organizations and environmental regeneration.

I have many tricks up my sleeves – if you know someone who will benefit from these, write us an introduction!

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