Social Design

In 2014 I began my Design journey, initially learning how to design agricultural ecosystems with Permaculture design principles.
I later received my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2016 from Earthcare Education Aotearoa.

My first social design was founding a teahouse based on gifting in the heart of Wellington, NZ.
This pop-up Social Practice Art project was the beginning of my career in what I now know as social design.

Social Design mixes design principles with social innovation, resulting in a complex living social system whose outcomes often include higher levels of:
-justice & equality
-health & wholeness
-continual self development
-access to a range of satisfying livelihood options
-aesthetically tasteful living spaces
-thriving, resilient communities
-more connection to non-human life (forests, wildlife, rivers, etc)

I practice social design by combining elements from the following fields:

Art, Culture, Education
Land Stewardship
Business & Organizational Practices
Relationship Building
Exponential Technology & Digital Interactivity

Projects, design, experience:

Beyond Us (2019)
Food Sovereignty DAO (2019)
Permaculture CoLab Digital Circle (2019)
Conference Weavers (2018-19)
Collaboration Incubator (2018-19)
Climate Change & Consciousness Conference (2019)
Society of Owners (2019)
Vanilla Way (2018-19)
Pomegra Booksharing App (2018)
Prodii (2018-19)
International Permaculture Convergence (2017)
Kahikatea Farm (2017)
wECOexist (2016)
17 Tory St (2015)
Citizens Advice Bureau (2015)
As well as these, I have been designing my own social ecosystem, GRDN, since Dec 2017. See the GRDN tab for more info.

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