The right tools
in the right hands
at the right times

As a permaculture designer operating in the digital spaces of human ecosystems, I have become an early adopter of many cutting edge tools and technologies for organizing group resources, decisions and projects.

I am learning to read the patterns of user needs, and am able to find or grow contexts which allow a visionary initiative to meet communities who are seeking the proposed solutions.

My research into emerging digital technologies contributes to my work as a social ‘ecosystem’ designer and makes me a valuable contributor to teams seeking to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world.

Social Innovation

Browse my highlights, people of interest and library.

I am fascinated by the collective intelligence of human organizing ‘done right’. My research spans anthropology, economic systems, organizational structures, human history, conversational formats and multi-stakeholder convening.

You can learn alongside me by accessing the resources shared in my library (link above), following me on Medium (so you see what I have highlighted from an article we both read), or reaching out for a conversation to synthesize our respective insights.

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