Poetry is what you find

in the dirt in the corner,

overhear on the bus, God

in the details, the only way

to get from here to there.

Poetry (and now my voice is rising)

is not all love, love, love,

and I’m sorry the dog died.

Poetry (here I hear myself loudest)

is the human voice,

and are we not of interest to each other?


This sense of sacred profanity stimulates my own balancing sanity.

Poetry is an expression of the truth beyond the rational or obvious.
It allows us to accept that one person’s honest reality is not necessarily in competition with our own divergent opinions about ultimate truth.

When working with groups, I encourage creative forms of inner expression to lead our attention into a space where we may have broader awareness, and acceptance, of complexity.

I have been commissioned, published, and asked to perform poems professionally since 2016.

See below for samples of my writing.

Poetic storytelling for the Create Meaning crew
Oct 2018 – “Sit Up”
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