My Projects

Growing Resilient Digital Neighbourhoods

This project aims to involve various organizations and community groups with a network of Digital Nomads, to decentralize resources and culture from competitive urban environments to rural settlements who seek a combination of economic development, cooperative resources, cultural regeneration and/or educational exchange.


An experiment in growing teams of freelancers and entrepreneurs, through exercising collective agency around shared involvement.
We seek to practice microsolidarity, collective ownership and networked representation, leading to sustainable new systems of self-organized work.

Transition Cafes and other events

Framing conditions for knowledge ecosystems, global society is invited to reimagine itself through the hosted chaordic dialogues of skilled and coordinated facilitators from the network.

These seasonally recurring series of events provide exchange of perspective, values, wisdom and social/digital/exponential technologies which facilitate rapid-scale community organizing toward resilience, reconnection, regeneration and thriving.

Gathering both online and out in the world, we meet to learn, connect and discover what is possible for collective activation in local-global organizing.

Producing and Publishing Content

See ‘Articles & Essays’ for my writing.

Below are some examples of my interviewing and hosting.

Besides hosting…

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