Holding attentive, powerful & fertile space.

I host, design and manage online and offline events for various cultural and organizational groups.

I served as lead facilitator for the volunteer team meetings during the build up to the 2017 International Permaculture Convergence in India.

During 2018 I hosted and designed several community events in Stockholm; three events about relating and two co-hosted events for a meditation group.

I took lead of the facilitation and process design for a platform concept development weekend with the Borderland community in 2019.

I have held the facilitation role in a handful of remote project teams as well as community gatherings, receiving positive feedback every time.

My practice is a combination of wisdom collected through experience, trainings and study, supported by the following approaches:
Open Space-
Dragon Dreaming-
7 years serving in the hospitality industry (including management)-

My listening skills have been trained and strengthened through my background in music and theatre.
Serving as an Interviewer for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in 2015 was a wonderful chance to refine my practice of empathic dialogue.

Designing Events

Between 2009 – 2015 I co-organized (often in a project management role) between 20-30 music-related events.

My background in music was a great base to begin learning the art of networking, securing access to resources and negotiating fair contracts.

Since 2015 I have focused on digital events, emphasizing global cooperation. The exception is the Collaboration Incubator, which is a project designed for intimate, rapid collaborative prototyping and has not yet been trialed online (but stay tuned; our team are talking about it!)

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