Call to Collaborators

I need you to get involved!

This current call-out explains the work that I am doing with a circle of liminal actors and network weavers, whose collaboration goes by the nominative form “Beyond Us” and who respectively represent very diverse organizations, communities and projects.

For those who are interested in taking on a deeply rewarding project with revolutionary implications and adequate financing right around the corner, we would like to hear how you see yourself getting involved.

The best way to register your interest is to fill out the survey and join our next fortnightly Community Call (on Wednesdays – see calendar here).

This is not happening through us alone.
I am bringing what I can to coordinate something that is already happening — you guessed it — beyond us! I want to hear how you’re already involved, so that we can accelerate transition with minimum intervention.

So, do show up — even if all you can think to bring is one conversation, ideas from an article you read, or an initiative you came across.

Now is the time to grow awareness of +
prototype our “biosocial superintelligence“.

Dive In!

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