About Me

I am a networked being, emergent through the sum of international, intergenerational, intercultural and interdisciplinary relationships.

People are at the core of my work, which is based on Permaculture Design. For this reason, I use the umbrella term of Social Permaculture to connect all the services I offer this interconnected global society, and this vast planetary web of life, in this time of incredibly complex transition.

Designing is an art of coordinating between dynamic forces, and empty space. It is a practice in boundary management; learning where to draw the line, to encourage a diversity of participation and engagement, all the while holding the vision of the whole ecosystem.

As the youngest member of a large political and musical family, I came into this world ready to play in an orchestra of emotions and interpersonal dynamics.

My greatest teachers have been natural ecosystems and casual conversations over the counter of the various cafes where I worked while finding my path.

Diving into studies of business, politics and economics in 2014, I have been slowly collecting an awareness of new and better social technologies which can replace the current ones to provide better access to opportunity for everyone.

My entrepreneurial vision is one of radical collaboration, multicultural pleasures and a return to communities which live in harmony with earth.

Let’s work together to create regenerative, joyful societies.

Naomi Joy Smith

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