Naomi (qi/kin) is a social permaculture designer who supports complex global collaboration and cultural evolution.

Qi works with various impact networks to design more equitable versions of ecosocial futures by asking provocative questions and deliberately inviting multiple stakeholders into generative conversation || Practicing ecosocial design, kin focuses on holistic transition for a post-carbon and trans-local society; advocating for decentralized decision-making, perpetual education and holding space for transformation || Keywords to describe my art: facilitation, design, network weaving, regenerative practices, social innovation, digital permaculture, stakeholder inclusion, intercultural dialogue, sociocracy, scale linking, global citizens, adaptation, micro supply chains, common ground, and of course: community.

You have found the next step!

“There’s no going back, but there’s a going together”

-Naomi Joy Smith

Working with an ethic of larger purpose and radical inclusion, Naomi has inspired people around the world and is cherished for kin’s curiosity, sincerity and integrity.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
~ Seneca

Personal Statement:

“I proactively connect with groups working toward regenerative transition in various fields, then invite strategic collaboration between organizations, communities and other relevant stakeholders across contexts; encouraging resilience, innovation, interdependence and play – it’s got to be fun.”

Collaboration Incubator May 2019 (that’s Naomi in the top center)

“Naomi comes from the future”

-Benji and Manu, colleagues from Collaboration Incubator

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